~Dreamers frugal food~ Ham sandwiches and more!

Okay so this week was a good week and a very tiring week. School and work has kicked my butt this week due to me having my 4 week course ending I have now had 2 nights where I am up till 11-12pm and I usually barley stay up past 9pm that being said I have had barely any sleep and have been waking up at 5am every morning due my internal clock deciding that that time was a good time to wake up.  I never thought I could be so tired during a whole week but, it happened and that is why we did not eat what was on the menu every night for instance we did for 3 of the nights but other nights we ended up just eating hot dogs! Which I totally understand that, that was not what was planned for us but, we did not eat out and it still feels great! Sometimes things change and that is okay.

So this week I decided to start off with less meals that had a lot of prepping time. Due to last week I am just not sure I am up for a long dinner process. hopefully the week after this one it will all be good!

Monday: Ham sandwiches

Tuesday: lasagna stuffed zucchini boats 

Wednesday: tacos 

Thursday: ham burgers or hot dogs

Friday: pizza

The reason for Monday just being ham Sandwiches is because we have to go shopping on Monday for our  weekly groceries. Sunday has been a tiring day so we did not get to go grocery shopping but, at least we have got the house clean and ready for the week kind of…  Although, the clothes have not been touched hopefully I will get to it soon so it will be a less stressful week for both Mr. big dreamer and I.


Mrs. Big Dreamer

I started this blog when I was 19 to help me and guide me to retiring at the age of 35. I go to school full time to become a teacher, I am a blogger, and also work a full time job. I try to be as frugal as possible and live a fun and enjoyable life.

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