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Okay so last weeks dinner plans went amazing! The zucchini lasagna boats were good we did not eat the tacos we actually just ended up being lazy and ate hot dogs. I know it is not healthy but, I forgot to lay out meat and Mr. big dreamer and I just were not feeling it. This past week had been tiring with school classes coming to an end and now new ones starting it  is a lot.

zuchinni lasagna cup

This is what the zucchini lasagna boats turned out looking like. They were defiantly worth it, and cheap. Although the zucchini was a odd taste and something to get used to they were still really easy to make and tasted amazing. I will more then likely make them again but, next time I will probably cut the ends off of the zucchini.

This weeks food will be a little different. Hopefully we can do good and eat everything on the menu.

Monday: chicken salad sandwiches (left overs can be lunch)

Tuesday: shepherds pie cups w/ bakes parmesan zucchini slices on the side.

Wednesday: hamburgers and chips.

Thursday: Hot dogs

Friday: four cheese garlic spaghetti squash

Saturday: One pot chicken, green beans, and potatoes

I understand that last week we had hamburgers on the menu but, we ended up just eating ham sandwiches that day instead. Which is okay because even though I am not quote sticking to the menu we have not eaten out for a while now. Nor have we ate with my parents unless they have came over for dinner. Which is a big plus for us!

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I started this blog when I was 19 to help me and guide me to retiring at the age of 35. I go to school full time to become a teacher, I am a blogger, and also work a full time job. I try to be as frugal as possible and live a fun and enjoyable life.

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