Carnival Cruise Honeymoon

This is my review on the carnival magic cruise that we went on for our honeymoon. I will first show the beautiful views we had which were amazing to see considering you don’t see them every day. Then I will discuss the pros and cons of the cruise ship itself. Lastly, I will discuss the ports that we went to. Do I wish we would have went on a different cruise line? Did we like the cruise line? Any questions that I can think of I will try my best to answer them accordingly.

We had amazing views and photo opportunities throughout our adventure into honeymoon land. The clear skies over the ocean were beautiful.

Going outside during the evening time when it was dark was amazing it felt so nice to have the salt water breeze against your skin and to look over the edge and see that, the blue water was now dark was so amazing. When seeing the views that we saw on the cruise it was breathtaking and definitely gave us a thought of were here or just a calming vibe. When seeing these views life seems perfect.

Now I will discuss the pros and cons on the carnival magic ship itself. Lets discuss the pros of the ship and probably some of my favorite parts about being on the ship. The people are nice. There was never a time on the cruise ship that the people that worked there made me feel un comfterable or upset in any way. There was generally always a happy and respectful feel coming from the crew. Something that was defiantly a pro for me was that we were constantly meeting new people. For instance, when eating in the main dining room at the scheduled time you are provided they sit you with people in your age and they try to pair you with people that you may have something in common with. As for us since mr big dreamer is 22 and in the military, so we were sat with a 22 years old couple that were also in the military. Which really made it better for us to not just only know each other. It helped us have conversation with other people then just each other. Also, another way that we had met people was since, we went to that dinner every evening and we got there early enough to wait for them to open the dining room doors we met an older couple which we made amazing conversation with every night. We actually made so good of conversation that we gave them a thank you post card with our address on it so if they ever came to our state we could reconnect or we could reconnect by letters to each other. They also gave us their address. This was my favorite one because I am an old soul and love learning from older people. Their mistakes can be our not what to do’s. Now another pro is that every night there is something going on, there were shows and clubs open during the evening and night time.

However, there are cons and many of them. I personally have been on the carnival cruise line two times before our honeymoon and basing it off of the last two times I am giving the cons that I have summed up after we got off the cruise and during the cruise. First off here is one, used to they would go in during the day while you were gone and clean your room and make your bed, then they would do the turndown service and make your towel animals and leave you mints for after dinner. This cruise they did not do that, what they actually done was clean, make your bed, and do the turn down service all during the day at one time. No chocolate mints were left for us and, by the time it was time to lay down at night our animals were messed up from going in and out of our room. In my opinion I pay a good amount for the cruise I expected more luxury like I had felt on the past cruises. Another one was that every where we turned they were wanting more money. For example, We booked a three hundred and seventy five dollar couples message which was great however, after they sat down with us right after making us feel relaxed and made stress by trying to talk us into paying for at least three hundred more dollars on the products they recommended for us, which of course we did not buy. I also got a facial which was not the best and after laying there they wanted me to buy the products she recommended for my skin type. I hate feeling bombarded and that is how they made me feel every time they wanted me to pay for something extra. Last but not least, when we would go to dinner other tables would be getting dessert by the time we were getting our main course. We never got done at the same time of night during dinner which we did not care for because, we would make plans to see one of the shows and would end up missing it or having a bad seat due to us getting done at dinner late.

Last, the pros and cons of the ports. In my opinion there was not really any cons that I could think of with the different ports except that free port smelled like sewer. However, freeport was not the prettiest they actually had different stuff to buy instead of just what the cruise ship was selling.  In Nassau, we went to Atlantis, for the amount of time that we were able to spend there the money was not worth it. If I had a family I think I would have enjoyed Atlantis more but, with it just being Mr. Big dreamer and I we would probably have done something different.  Other than that the pros were that they were all really beautiful.  honeymoon

Now onto my conclusion, the carnival magic cruise ship was decent but, we have decided that the next cruise we go on it will not be the carnival cruise line. We would like to try a different cruise line so that we can find one we both really like. I personally am hoping that royal Caribbean wont have as much as a sales pitch every time we turn around. Carnival cruise line is good however its one that we can take a break from to try a different one. I knew that carnival was more for the adults but, after this cruise I have learned that it is more for the people that like to party and don’t mind spending more money!

This is not a sponsored review these are all my opinions on the pros and cons of the carnival cruise line.

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