Impulse Buying is a no go!

Impulse buying

5 things to prevent impulse buying, whether it be clothing or a huge buy these 5 easy tips will help you not buy on a whim. Do not get me wrong Mr. Big Dreamer and I have been through the impulse buying stage.  For instance, the first couch we ever purchased for our home we went to the Mathis Brothers and bought a HUGE Sectional. Even though we were told numerous times from at least 5 different people “that it would not fit inside our living room”.   But, instead of listening we bought the sectional that day and guess what?! 6 months later I sold it for less than half of the original price.

SO with that being said these are what kept us from impulse buying on other big buys!

  1. If you do not have enough money to pay in full then do not go.
  1. Go to numerous stores just window shopping no money in your pockets
  1. See what stores have what you want but, for a cheaper price.
  1. When you find what you think you will like still with no money take a financially stable friend and, or like for me, your financially stable parents
  1. If they agree that you’re not wasting money get the money out of the bank and buy it.

Now this process may take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks.

We recently purchased a new living room set.  I knew the manufacturer I wanted to buy my couch from.  Recently we had visited my parents at their lake house and went into town and i just happened to run into a furniture store. I ended up going in and liked the furniture they had which led me to get more information on the manufacturer. At that time I knew I wanted that brand but, not who to buy it from. So instead of buying that one right then and there I looked at the manufacturer’s distributers group online and seen they happened to have one right next to my house. I waited a couple weeks and finally decided to go look at what they had. I then did these 5 things and ended up paying for the couch right then that same day. Not only that but, we also ended up getting a WAY better deal from the one closer to our house.

Now on little things I do something way different. For instance, when I go to the mall I usually go  with money in my pockets but, don’t plan on buying anything.  When and if I see something I like I do the “If its here when I come back next time I will get it.” Now lets face it I usually only go to the mall every once in a blue moon but, at least this saying helps me walk away and not impulse buy something I don’t absolutely need. Not only that but, if I really like it then I will remember it and make another trip to the mall. By doing this when buying small things I see it as if it is easy to forget about then I really 1. Did not want it or 2. Do not need it.

Now I know what your thinking that is a lot of driving just to buy something but, my rebuttal to that is, that driving cost less than paying big bucks due to impulse buying.

What is everyone else’s way to prevent impulse buying? Do these tips help you at all?

Mrs. Big Dreamer

Welcome to Think big dreamers, I am a frugal wife that plans to retire at the age of 35. I am a dog mom of two babies that I train to title with. I work out and feed my family healthy meals. Last but not least I love the outdoors! This is my lifestyle blog. When reading my blog there will be stuff from all different things. From my outdoor adventures, eating healthy and to retirement. Welcome to my life!

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