No Heat For The Dreamers

Who can say that they have spent the majority of the winter with no heat? You can if you truly want to live the frugal life.

Let me be honest I have a huge problem with wanting to turn on the heat as soon as the weather drops to 60 and this year I have done it once again, but, that all stops now. I usually turn it on to smell the heater turn on for the first time of the year. It makes me so happy for Christmas and just gives me a warm feeling I just cannot resist turning it on as soon as possible. However, I did turn it on for that day I ended up turning it off for the night and leaving it off I haven’t had it on since.
However, this year I am only turning my heat on when the outside degree fahrenight is 40 so my pipes are not at risk to freezing. With these 6 tips, I will be living the big dreamer’s frugal life.

Bundle up butter cups!

Why turn on the heat if you have tons of blankets to keep you warm. By doing this Mr. Big dreamer and I have plenty time to do homework, watch a movie, or for his gaming time. For us, there is always a blanket around somewhere.
Besides the blankets laying around the house lets talk about your sheets. I use flannel sheets during the winter they are so soft and definitely keep us warm during the winter. Not only are the sheets a good thing I also usually have a heavy quilt or comforter on the bed to keep us warm. Between the blankets being oh so comfortable, our body heat, & two full grown labs being in our bed we end up kicking off the blankets and turning the fan on full blast. It can definitely get too hot too fast. Speaking of human & fur baby warmth that is #2.

Human & fur baby warmth!

Cuddle up with your significant other. Watch a movie and relax with each other. This one is good for date nights and its good for the soul. Relationships always need some cuddle time so that is defiantly a must for us. Also, I know a dog isn’t a human but, my dogs are my humans and we defiantly cuddle up. It’s good for the soul and bonding time with my dog believe it or not. I feel they love me more after cuddling.. or is that after I give them human and dog food? Point is due to the endless amount of belly rubs they love cuddling with me, and I love it to keep warm with them is a good feeling.


Use towels to put in the front of your doors. Our front door has horrible insulation we have a thick space between the door and the floor so this trick is one of our most used tricks during the winter or even for the heat of the summer when we have the air on. It helps insulate the house and keeps the temperature from outside not come to the inside.

Cooking time in the oven!

Cooking is an amazing way to keep your house warm. I have learned that I enjoy baking due to the fact

Big dreamers amazing ginger bread

that A person can bake bread, pies, and cakes for cheap. Cooking in general also helps with stress. I believe it helps you get your mind off of things. Not only that but, your family will love you. Only Mr. Big dreamer and I live in the house but, with my parents living right next door they get pretty much what I cook so what I have made usually gets eaten pretty fast. I feel cooking, in general, makes a family closer. So to sit down at the table, pray, and talk about your day while eating a good bowl of stew or chicken & dumplings is a good way to warm your house on a cold day.

Blinds & Curtains open!

Depending on which direction your house is, keep the blinds open during the heat of the day. Natural sunlight can warm your house up quick. During the winter I love playing Christmas music with the blinds open and just soaking (probably more so often dancing to the music then laying in the sun but laying is nice too) that heat up.

Layer up!

Wear tons of clothes. For me, I get cold easily during the winter, but I also get hot easily so a couple layers usually work but, everyone is different. by doing this you are using your own body heat and it works great! I like to wear my red snowman or betty boop footie pajamas around the house in the mornings to keep me warm. Thick socks, and underpants are a good way to keep warm while going in and out of the house or just chilling around the house.


Mrs. Big Dreamer

Welcome to Think big dreamers, I am a frugal wife that plans to retire at the age of 35. I am a dog mom of two babies that I train to title with. I work out and feed my family healthy meals. Last but not least I love the outdoors! This is my lifestyle blog. When reading my blog there will be stuff from all different things. From my outdoor adventures, eating healthy and to retirement. Welcome to my life!

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